Public liability insurance protects the policyholder against any legal liability incurred against third parties in respect of third party property damage and third party bodily injury, arising out of or in connection with the business of the insured and attributed to their negligence or that of employees, occurring within the stated territorial limits.

The insured will require these sections of cover

  • General Liability– Covers scenarios such as where a fire may erupt at the premises killing   customers, or where a customer trips and fell down at the insured’s premises, or where a passer is injured by some items from the insured’s premises, e.g. factory, etc.
  • Products Liability– covers insured’s legal liability to third parties for property damage or bodily injury arising out of the use of the insured’s products. An example would be a third party suffering bruises on his/body arising out of use of a soap on his/her body manufactured or sold by the insured, or damage to third party property due to explosion of the pressing iron due to wrong assembly of elements by the manufacturer.
  • Tenants Liability– As you are occupying rented premises you may be required in your tenancy agreement to repair the premises if legally responsible for the damage
  • Wrongful Arrest– you may wrongfully arrest people suspected of committing some offenses to your business and it can be covered by this section.