Contractors All Risks

This is a suitable type of cover for construction of commercial buildings, private dwelling houses, roads, dams and all other civil constructions The policy covers loss of or damage to the insured property from any cause which is not specifically excluded whilst on the Contract Site. It covers the following:- Permanent works Temporary works and…

Group Personal Accidents

Provides protection against the economic consequences, usually in the form of earnings following death, total disablement or temporary disablement (for salaried staff). And for directors who are not salaried they arrange cover with stated benefits for each occurrence. It also provides medical expenses cover. Unlike workers compensation insurance the cover provided under personal accident insurance…

Office Combined

Protects office content, office machinery, and documents against fire, explosion, floods, storm, riot, strike, malicious damage, impact damage to property(other than the firms owned property, or for which they are responsible).

Fidelity Guaranteed

This provides indemnity against: Theft of money, materials and other properties by the insured’s permanent employees or contract staff. The normal theft cover or money cover excludes theft by your own employees.

Goods in Transit

This provides indemnity against: Loss of goods whilst in transit locally within the country by fire perils, theft, accidental or any unforeseen fortuitous circumstances unless specifically excluded as carried by the insured’s vehicles or hired vehicles (“All Risks” cover to goods whilst in transit) Goods can be of every description incidental to the business of…

Workers Compensation

The laws of Malawi under Workers Compensation Act 1990 or at Common Law imposes an obligation on every employer to compensate his/her employees in case of accidental death or bodily injury or illness sustained during the execution of their duties in connection with the business or trade of the insured. The policy is more suitable…

Professional Indemnity

Offers protection for professional persons/firms e.g. solicitors, accountants, doctors against loss or damage suffered by their clients as a result of professional negligence or bad advice.